Penny: A New Musical

Penny the Piano is being produced by A Place To Be, where music helps heal and transform the lives of people. Much like Penny, many who seek a place to be seek a home.


Every year, A Place To Be produces an original musical production. With original music by Tom Sweitzer and Kyle Boardman, A Place To Be will bring the pages of Penny the Piano to life. Coming to the Hill School June 30th, July 1st & 2nd! Join us for an incredible weekend full of heartwarming performances. We are so excited to make Suzanne’s vision a reality.

The Summer Camp

The Production

The cast of Penny: A New Musical consists of a wide range of individuals, each with varying degrees of developmental, physical and/or social disabilities or challenges. A Place To Be’s mission is to help people face, navigate, and overcome life’s challenges using the therapeutic arts. Using performance as therapy creates a medium through which ultimate self-expression is reached.