Future school performances in development!

Bring the multimedia presentation of Penny the One of a Kind Piano to your school. Children will explore the themes of finding your true home within yourself and dreams come true through curriculum in the weeks prior to the presentation. Suzanne Jackson begins by sharing her journey of becoming an author. Then she tells the story of transforming her book into a musical. During the book reading, the characters come to life through actors, pictures and video presentations from the musical performed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

The Inspiration for Penny’s Story

Creating the Book
Book Signings

Main Themes
Finding your true home within yourself
Dreams for your life

Penny the Piano Musical
Adapting a book to a musical
The audition & rehearsal process
Kennedy Center Story
Broadway Story

Author Reads Penny the Piano aloud with
Live Artists bringing the characters to life
Videos from the Musical Performance at the Kennedy Center
Author and Illustrator will personalize books for the children